Registration Requirement

Candidate must agrees to do voulnteer work for the Mothers for Equal Education when time permits or when needed.

Candidate must be enrolled in a collge or university.  Must submit proof of acceptence with letterhead of college, and offical transcript of classes with grade point average.

Candidate must maintain a C+ or higher grade point average and provide a transcript of high school and/or college when applicable.

Candidate must submit a biographical statement that may include community, professional, and academic organization. Include any awards, commendations, scholarships and/or forms of recognition that you have received.

Candidate must submit an essay stating why he/she is applying for the scholarship and how they plan to use the awarded funds.

  • State name and address of college, university or trade school
  • Course of study (major and minor)
  • Identify academic status (i.e. freshman, sophmore, juinior, etc.)
  • State number of course units (full or part time student)
  • Idenify degree goal or trade certification
  • State projected date of graduation

Candidate must submit two (2) letters of recommendation/personal references signed and dated with current contact information.  Referneces cannot be members of candidate's family.  Options include former teachers counselors, community leaders, members of social/athletic clubs and/or professioal organzations.

Cadidate attending trade or technical school will be considered on an individual basis.  The above criteria may be waived subject to the discretion and review by the Mothers for Equal Education Board.

Candidate must sign and date Statment of Commitment in order to be considered for a scholarship.

The scholarship amount for each candidate will be considered on an individual basis, at the discretion of the Mothers for Equal Education.